Prototype Your Dreams into Reality

The ultimate 8-week program to accelerate your dreams.

Sliding scale

Scholarship program

Future Self Incubator

This is exciting. You are about to embark on a transformational journey to your Future Self. Learn how to use and apply the latest tools to navigate to your dream and learn, in a community of pioneers how to prototype your dream into reality.

The Journey

Start Duration Time Experience level
10/16 2022 8 weeks 30-60 mins/day beginner/intermediate


  • 8-week online coaching program for your dream
  • Weekly live video group sessions
  • Online curriculum of 8 modules with videos and weekly lessons
  • Future Self Compass, a navigation tool to your dreams
  • Guided meditations to shift your consciousness
  • Daily, morning and evening rituals to build new habits and rewire your neural pathways
  • Work in karmic partnership with an accountability partner Interactive workshops with guest faculty members
  • Access to a global community of pioneers and coherence partners
  • Experts in creative writing and personal branding techniques
  • Inner and outer work, practice being in flow
  • Virtual safe space and experiential accelerator
  • Lessons in neuroscience, quantum physics, the nature of time and technology as well as ancient wisdom traditions
  • Individual support by experienced mentors and graduates
  • Lifetime access to all course content

Scholarship Program

  • The world needs more people to take inspired action and live their dreams.
  • Scholarships range from 50% – 100% of the tuition amount.
  • While this a paid program, we understand that people might have trouble covering the costs.
  • If you would like to apply for a scholarship or nominate someone apply below.